This article was reprinted from The Women’s March movement and included more from the Huffington Post. As a white woman, I missed this meeting too. Why didn’t I think it applied to me? Just the first paragraph should give you pause for thought too. Look for the action you can take.

In March, a social media meme went viral stating that 14 Black and Latino girls went missing from the DC area within a 24-hour span. While the statistic was incorrect, it sparked a much-needed conversation about missing girls of color in America, and the overall lack of attention from the media and white communities. This was glaringly obvious at a recent town hall meeting in DC on the missing girls, which was attended almost exclusively by Black folks, and left many women of color wondering where the white women they marched with in January were. For many white women, it may be painful to hear that they have not shown up for their sisters of color; it is also painful for women of color to be ignored by their white sisters when children of color are missing.

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