Reposted:   By Alan Pyke. . .Deputy Economic Policy Editor, ThinkProgress. Poverty, criminal-justice profiteering, police violence, & robber barons.  —Accountability for abusive and racist police conduct is now at the whim of Sessions. 

After months of hints, Attorney General Jeff Sessions unveiled the first concrete action to roll back Obama-era oversight of local police forces on Monday.

Sessions’ team will review each of the 14 active legal agreements between the federal government and city police departments, known as “consent decrees,” with an eye to tweaking the hard-won deals to fit the new administration’s more militant approach to law enforcement. Continue reading this article.

Now continue by reading these three articles, also by Alan Pyke.

Sessions supporters scoff at civilian distrust of police during confirmation hearing
Criticism of cops is “totally without foundation,” senior senator tells police union leader. Continue reading.

Coretta Scott King: Jeff Sessions would ‘irreparably damage’ my husband’s work
Martin Luther King, Jr.’s late widow wrote in fervent opposition to Sessions’ 1986 nomination to the bench. Until today, her testimony was lost to time. Continue reading.

Jeff Sessions would blunt sharpest tool we have for police accountability
If Trump wants to turn cops loose, his Attorney General will have to undermine consent decrees. Continue reading.


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