Reprinted from The New York Times – By ANNA DUBENKOMAY 28, 2017

The political news cycle is fast, and keeping up can be overwhelming. Trying to find differing perspectives worth your time is even harder. That’s why we have scoured the internet for political writing from the right and left that you might not have seen.

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From the Right

Jonathan S. Tobin in National Review:

“The problem is that both parties seem to have lost the ability to oppose an administration or candidate without seeking to ‘lock up’ the other side.”

Mr. Tobin is concerned about both parties’ impulse to respond to election losses with accusations of criminal misconduct. It’s possible, he writes, “that Trump, Flynn, and Kushner are guilty of serious crimes, but at the moment the public evidence for that assertion is virtually nonexistent.” Read more »

Rod Dreher in The American Conservative:

“A lot of us conservatives have made hay out of illiberalism on campus, but now we have an egregious, high-profile example of brutal behavior on our side.”

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From the Left

Joshua Holland in The Nation:

“The real story is that Trump’s negative coverage is being driven not by liberals or Democrats but by law-enforcement sources and pissed-off Republicans.”

According to Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, media coverage of the Trump administration has been overwhelmingly negative, even relative to his predecessors. While some conservative voices have taken this study as evidence of an anti-Trump bias in the media, Mr. Holland draws attention to an underreported detail of this study: “Republican voices accounted for 80 percent of what newsmakers said about the Trump presidency.” Read more »

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