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Democrats daydreaming about toppling Speaker Paul Ryan may have found their champion. Randy Bryce, an ironworker and union organizer, announced his bid for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District last week. Bryce’s first ad went viral, and he raised more than $100,000 in the very first day of his campaign.

How might Bryce go about trying to defeat the House speaker? In a recent interview with Vox, Bryce hinted at one potential line of attack against the Wisconsin Republican that would connect him to skyrocketing income inequality.

“If you look at the rich, the CEOs and the ones that own these corporations, they use our infrastructure,” Bryce told me in an interview this week. “Working people — it’s outrageous for us to pay for the majority of things when we’re the ones who are going to build things. … Without our labor, there is no capital.”

Bryce and I talked about single-payer health care, lessons from Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District special election, and Black Lives Matter. A transcript of our interview follows.

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