So how does conservative Washington view this last weekend’s events? Read this article by Jennifer Harper – The Washington Times – Tuesday, August 15, 2017. Next, add your reply below.

The past events in Charlottesville have become a cultural and political force — a catalyst for America’s latest identity crisis in uneasy times, and one magnified by incessant media coverage. The violence and turmoil four days ago has sparked related rallies, somber commentary, ceaseless criticism of President Trump and continued protests against Confederate-era statuary in public places. Like many observers, Laura Ingraham, talk radio host and founder of, is wondering how far the critics will go for their cause. Statue removal is not the main motive of the marchers and activists, she says.

“How long before they show up at Monticello or Mount Vernon? What else will be subjected to their eradication and denunciation? This is not about racial healing. This is about the control of the narrative and the destruction of historical recognition,” Ms. Ingraham told Fox News on Tuesday. “This is madness. This is not about unity or getting past the racial divide. This is about controlling the historical narrative.”

WMAL syndicated radio host Chris Plante pointed out to his audience that officials in Germany and Poland had not, for the most part, demolished or removed many Nazi-era buildings or symbols — for a reason.

“They keep them in place, in order to remember. They don’t airbrush their history out of existence,” Mr. Plante observed.

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