“These views are divided by party. Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say their own taxes would drop under a Trump-led plan (40% among Republicans, 11% among Democrats) and that middle-class taxes would decline (52% among Republicans, 9% among Democrats).”

As Congress turns its attention away from health care and back toward tax reform and other issues, a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS finds most in favor of major changes to the nation’s tax laws, but wary of President Donald Trump’s handling of immigration.

Tax reform and immigration have both been near the top of Trump’s agenda, but the public sees them as lower priorities. Just 12% polled said tax laws ought to be Congress’s highest priority over the next few weeks, 11% choose immigration. More, 36%, want Congress to focus on funding disaster relief efforts (the poll was completed September 17 through 20, before the effects of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico were clear) and 31% say dealing with health care should be the top priority.

Click to continue reading. By Jennifer Agiesta, CNN Polling Director, Sept 27, 2017.

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