(Bloomberg) — Although Corker’s seat is likely to stay in Republican control, Flake’s decision to not seek a second term in 2018 may help Democrats put the thin Republican Senate majority in jeopardy.” 

Donald Trump campaigned against the Republican Party establishment to win the White House. After two of its more prominent members fought back, calling Trump nothing less than a danger to democracy, the president showed no signs of letting up Wednesday.

The rebellion comes at the worst possible time, as the party is trying to thread the needle on a promised massive tax cut that’s helping bolster record stock market gains.

The ferocity of the attacks by senators Jeff Flake of Arizona and Bob Corker of Tennessee shows how much Trump has already changed the GOP, leaving little room for outspoken, down-the-line conservatives like Flake or business-minded Republicans like Corker. Flake, who said he will retire at the end of 2018, lamented the “degradation” of U.S. politics, while Corker, who said late last month he will retire, accused Trump of “debasing” the nation.

Click to continue reading. By Laura Litvan – 11/24/2017

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