(The Politico Mag Profile) — “Out of power and under attack from her own party, the minority leader seemed like a spent force. Then Donald Trump happened.”  By November/December 2017

Nancy Pelosi was upset, but holding it in. Donald Trump was in a good mood, and letting it out.

“I think we’ll get things done,” Trump told her.

It was November 9, the afternoon after the election. The House minority leader had called Trump Tower to congratulate the president-elect.

“I know what you do,” Trump told her. “You’re somebody that gets things done, better than anybody.”

Pelosi has a deep history in the halls of Congress, but she’s confronting her—and her party’s—shakiest moment without many of the people she has known and worked with best. The inner circle she came up with in Washington is, for the most part, either retired or dead—George Miller, for instance, or John Murtha, the ex-Marine from Pennsylvania who would have seemed to have nothing in common with Pelosi but helped clear her way to the top.

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