(The New York Times) — “The political news cycle is fast, and keeping up can be overwhelming. Trying to find differing perspectives worth your time is even harder. That’s why we have scoured the internet for political writing from the right and left that you might not have seen.”

From the Left:

Bob Dreyfuss in The Nation:

“Did Trump’s campaign collude with the Russians to subvert the US elections? The answer is still: We don’t know. There’s plenty of smoke, from multiple directions.”

Based on Mr. Flynn’s guilty plea, explains Mr. Dreyfuss, it would be premature to conclude that President Trump broke any law. However, Mr. Dreyfuss thinks the minimal charges against the president’s former national security adviser are a sign that Mr. Flynn is cooperating with Mr. Mueller and his team. He is, outside of Mr. Trump’s own family, one of the people who could do most damage to the president if he has flipped.

Click to read the full article. By ANNA DUBENKO – Dec. 1, 2017.

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