(The Washington Post) — “If Republicans soured on Trump and bailed on the party, that might be what you’d expect to see as the pools of independents saw an influx of new, anti-Trump independents.”

For much of 2017, President Trump’s poll numbers have been pretty consistent. In its most recent weekly average, Gallup has Trump at 36 percent approval — within two points of where he’s been since July. Trump is where he is because, while Democrats hate him and independents generally view him negatively, he continues to enjoy high approval ratings from Republicans. Eighty-two percent of those in his own party approve of Trump, as of last week. That’s pretty good, but not good enough to keep Trump’s overall approval from being historically low for a modern president.

The problem for Trump may not only be that only Republicans like him, but that there are fewer Republicans than there were a year ago.

Click to continue reading. By Philip Bump, Dec 11, 2017.

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