We did It!
Herndon-Reston Indivisible is a community action group operating in the Northern Virginia area. We are part of the national Indivisible movement.
The initial goal of the group is to push back against the frighteningly irresponsible, irrational, and dangerous proposals of the Trump administration and other own state legislature. But our emerging goal is to build a coalition of active citizens who are well-prepared and motivated to promote life-affirming public policy for our region and our nation.

We are not affiliated with a political party but are overwhelmingly in favor of progressive issues (support for social security, healthcare, gun violence prevention, etc.). Many of our members are affiliated with other political, religious, and community organizations that promote good governance and civic responsibility.

The core leadership of the group is:

Anne Alston
Carrie Bruns
Kathi Robinson
Judson Vaughn
Heidi Zollo

We have a general meeting almost every month, and smaller gatherings of what we call “library” meetings. We educate ourselves on issues, make phone calls, send letters and post cards, and visit our elected representatives. We will be engaged in voter registration and canvassing during election periods. In addition, we are have casual “meet ups” in coffee shops and restaurants to get to know one another and form alliances and friendships.

We encourage you to join us if you call the Herndon or Reston area your home. If you live elsewhere, you should seek out a local indivisible group.


To learn more, visit our FAQ page.