Using Your Dashboard & Getting Help

Your Dashboard shows you all of the information you need to manage your email list, see your fundraising results, manage your actions, and deal with your account settings.

From your dashboard, you can see every group you’re an organizer in or administrator of and access the group’s page and your private organizer/administrative page easily. You can see your email list’s growth over time, and see the size of your email list and other stats about its health. And you can see a list of the last 10 emails and actions you’ve created, with links to manage those actions or emails or view the full list if you want.

To get Help, scroll to the bottom of any page for the Get Help section.  This is where you’ll find documentation that includes videos. It’s all available here.

Use the exercise below to get familiar with using Your Dashboard and finding information.

PAGE 2: Sign in.
PAGE 3: Now you’re ready to use Action Network!