This is a 3-page, crash course to help you use the Action Network. It’s quick and easy to learn. Really! Once you learn to sign in and use Your Dashboard, all the other pages work the same way. We’ve added some tips along the way.

Here’s what happens. After you sign up, Action Network will email you a welcome message with a verification link to ensure your email address works before your account is activated. Look for that message in your spam box if you don’t receive it. Once you click that link, you’re account will be activated and you’ll be signed in, ready to use the Action Network!

Begin here with PAGE 1: Set up your account. Continue to Page 2, and then Page 3.

Tip: As an option, you can Sign up and Login via Facebook or Twitter.

PAGE 1: Once your account is ready, go to Page 2.
PAGE 2: Sign in.