Trump’s Potential Ties to Money Laundering

Senator Sherrod Brown: “President Trump’s refusal to disclose his business dealings makes it unclear whether he and his family may be exposed to terrorist financing, sanctions, or money laundering risks through their relationships with investors and associates from Russia and other nations.”  

Trump Taj Mahal $10 Million Money Laundering Fine

Department of Treasury: “FinCEN Fines Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort $10 Million for Significant and Long Standing Anti-Money Laundering Violations.”

Russian Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev

ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database: Dmitry Rybolovev appears prominently in the Panama Papers leak of international money laundering activity.

Business Insider: “Rybolovlev… bought a Palm Beach property from Trump for $95 million in 2008, two years after Trump had put it on the market for $125 million (after purchasing it for $41 million in 2004.)” “Rybolovlev has never lived in the mansion and has since torn it down”  “Rybolovlev acknowledged that he was on his jet when it landed in Charlotte, North Carolina, minutes before Trump’s plane landed and parked nearby.”

Trump International Hotel & Tower Baku, Azerbaijan

The New Yorker: “The Azerbaijanis behind the project were close relatives of Ziya Mammadov, the Transportation Minister and one of the country’s wealthiest and most powerful oligarchs.” “Trump’s company had made the deal not just with Anar Mammadov but also with Ziya’s brother Elton.”

ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database: Ziya Mamadov’s son Anar Mamadov appears prominently in the Panama Papers leak of international money laundering activity.

Adam Davidson, the New Yorker Reporter on MSNBC: “The Trump Organization said some things that I consider troubling. They said, we did all appropriate due diligence. I asked them again and again, please show me the due diligence because nobody thinks this was appropriate due diligence.” “They refused to show me.”

Trump SOHO

New York Times: “Mr. Trump was foggy on how he first came to do business with Bayrock, a small development company whose offices were in Trump Tower in Midtown.”

New York Times: “Mr. Kriss’s lawsuit was filled with unflattering details of how Bayrock operated, including allegations that it had occasionally received unexplained infusions of cash from accounts in Kazakhstan and Russia.”

Alexander Mashkevich

New York Times: “The Icelandic company, FL Group, was identified in a Bayrock investor presentation as a “strategic partner,” along with Alexander Mashkevich, a billionaire once charged in a corruption case involving fees paid by a Belgian company seeking business in Kazakhstan; that case was settled with no admission of guilt.”

Patokh Chodiev (Mashkevich Business Partner)

ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database: Alexander Mashkevich settled the corruption case in Belgium along with business partners Patokh Chodiev and Alijan Ibragimov with no admission of guilt. However, Patokh Chodiev can be found numerous times in the Panama Papers leaked documentation of money laundering.

Financial Times: Case against three ENRC oligarchs settled

Russian American Chamber of Commerce (RACC), a possible front for the Russian Government.

Financial Times: “The chamber of commerce removed from its website earlier this year an April 2009 newsletter, where Mr Millian said the chamber had “signed formal agreements” with the Trump Organisation, Mr Perez’s Related Group and one other company to “jointly service the Russian clients’ commercial, residential and industrial real-estate needs”.”

Trump Tower Russian Money Launderers

ABC News: “For two years ending in 2013, the FBI had a court-approved warrant to eavesdrop on a sophisticated Russian organized crime money-laundering network that operated out of unit 63A in Trump Tower in New York.”

Trump Condo Owners

Viktor Khrapunov

USA Today: “Almaty’s lawyers alleged in the lawsuit that Khrapunov used real estate in California, New York, Europe and the Middle East to hide hundreds of millions of dollars looted by selling state-owned assets.”

Financial Times: “A Financial Times investigation has found evidence that one Trump venture has multiple ties to an alleged international money laundering network. Title deeds, bank records and correspondence show that a Kazakh family accused of laundering hundreds of millions of stolen dollars bought luxury apartments in a Manhattan tower part-owned by Mr. Trump and embarked on major business ventures with one of the tycoon’s partners.” “One former executive at a developer that worked with Mr. Trump accused him of “willful obliviousness” to the details of his partners’ dealings.”

Peter Kiritchenko

USA Today: “Kiritchenko, a Ukrainian businessman who owned two condominiums with his daughter at Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla., was named in a money-laundering scheme involving former Ukraine prime minister Pavlo Lazarenko.”

Anatoly Golubchik, Vadim Trincher and Michael Sall

USA Today: “Three Trump condo owners — Golubchik,  Trincher and Sall — were convicted in 2013 in federal court in New York of participating in an illegal high-stakes sports betting ring for a Russian-American organized crime group.”