Mission: RESIST Regressive Trump/GOP Agenda; Deliver Progressive Democratic Agenda for “Better Deal” To Voters; Hold Elected Officials Accountable

Debt Ceiling – Congress needed to take action on debt ceiling by Sept. 29 so government can pay its bills. Under the package recently approved, government funding will run out on Dec 8 with the debt ceiling provision inserted into the flood bill.  The biggest fiscal fights of the year will now be pushed to December, when lawmakers typically are under pressure to reach deals before leaving for the holidays.

Tax Reform – The next big priority for Trump and GOP is taking away Medicaid, Medicare, and funding for education and the environment to give new massive tax breaks to the wealthy. Defeating Trump’s rigged tax plan will require MASSIVE RESISTANCE across the country.

Trump Full FY18 Federal Budget – Since the GOP wants to use the special process called “reconciliation” to pass the Trump Tax Scam, first they need to pass the FY18 budget resolution. RESIST – analyze and take actions on budget initiatives (including legislative) that are detrimental to health and welfare of American people and contrary to progressive American principles. The purpose of GOP-proposed cuts? Simple: to pay for tax cuts to the wealthy.

Current Actions:

Publish Weekly Economic Report

Support Issues Subgroups

Plans For The Future:

Develop & Maintain Issue Tracker Tool to Coordinate Resistance

Legislative Calls to Action: Coming Soon

Develop Coordinated Issues Action Plans

Want To Help:

Immediate Need – need Action Coordinators for Departments of:

Defense; State & International Aid; HHS; HUD; Homeland Security; Energy

Position Requirements (30 minutes per day) –

-Scan current publications (like The Hill, Politico, etc.) for latest developments                                                                                                                                                      -Track legislative activity in tracking systems (like congress.gov and govtrack.gov)                                                                                                                                                -Develop Summary Report for week’s activities (few paragraphs) for full  report                                                                                                                                                    -Develop Action Plan (like phone banks, letters, office protests, marches, etc.)

Interested in joining coordinated initiative? Please contact:

Facebook:  HerndonRestonIndivisibleGroup at https://www.facebook.com/groups/herndonrestonindivisible/

Website: herndonrestonindivisible.com

Key Proposed Legislation with ID:

The GOP House has started moving on the FY18 budget resolution to put in motion the procedural steps that the GOP needs to pass massive tax cuts through the Senate with only 51 votes. Since the GOP wants to use the special process called “reconciliation” to pass the Trump Tax Scam, first they need to pass the FY18 budget resolution.

The GOP is using the budget to tee up massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. Just like they used the reconciliation process to try to jam through TrumpCare, they plan to jam through their tax cuts the same way. And to pay for these tax cuts, critical programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and food assistance could be cut — either now or in the future.

HR 3219  Department of Defense Appropriations Act 2018 – Make America Secure (includes HR 3219, HR 3162, HR 2998, HR 3266)

HR 3354  Department of Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act 2018 – Make America Safe & Prosperous (includes 3354, 3268, 3267, 3280, 3355, 3358, 3362, 3353)