• Herndon Reston Indivisible

    Health Care Subgroup


Our mission is to work toward access to affordable, equitable and quality health care for all.  Current priorities include safeguarding and improving the ACA and advocating for expansion and protection of Medicaid in Virginia.


Since our beginning in late February 2017, we have been active in the fight to preserve the Affordable Care Act through the following activities:

  • phone scripts and Calls to Action resulting in countless calls to Members of Congress
  • in-person visits with Congressional staff
  • 6 letters to the editors published in local newspapers
  • participation with fellow-members of HRI in peaceful marches and rallies
  • educational sessions for group members
  • monthly meetings (generally held on the third Thursday of each month)

plans for the future:

The fight to save and strengthen the ACA is not over!  And there are other health care issues, too.  We see our focus in upcoming months as being on three key fronts:

  • continue to monitor Administrative and Congressional activities aimed at overturning or undermining the ACA, including new regulations, legislative proposals and budget negotiations
  • help to elect progressive candidates in November 2017 who will support Medicaid expansion in Virginia
  • promote open enrollment for the ACA marketplace plans, taking place from November 1 – December 15, 2017

Want to Help?

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Email:  hrihealthsubgroup@gmail.com