The HRI Informed Public Group is a grassroots activist organization that fights for a robust, free press and open media with equal access to the unbiased, factual information needed for a healthy modern democracy.  

We advocate to enhance and preserve several principles critical to having an informed public in the new media age:

Fight for Net Neutrality and Privacy on the Internet

Fight to increase the diversity of voices and independence of local news in an age of media consolidation

Support for and protection of honest investigative reporting as advertisement dollars shift to social media and targeted profiling.

Create and sustain means for the public to readily evaluate the credibility of the information sources they depend upon to be informed.  These means should aid the public to identify fake news, conspiracy theories, half truths, and propaganda.

Protect the information sources critical to an informed public from manipulation by automated Bots, troll farms, and other forms of attack by interests foreign and domestic.

Our current focus is advocating to stop the merger of Sinclair Broadcast Group with Tribune Media Company.  If this merger goes through, Sinclair will then reach 72% of U.S. TV audience far exceeding the 39% cap traditionally considered by the FCC to be the standard for preserving diversity of voices.

The HRI Leadership Group filed our Informal Objection to the Sinclair-Tribune merger with the Federal Communication Commission on October 18, 2017.  To see our Informal Objection click here.