The mission of our group is:

  1. To support fair and informed elections where every eligible voter is assured that their vote will count
  2. To implement initiatives to empower and inform voters to ensure that every registered vote counts and to oversee ethical and just voting procedures
  3. To give every eligible voter a chance to have an equal voice in every election


As part of or mission we believe in:

  1. Making every vote count by supporting:
    1. OneVirginia2021 to end gerrymandering in Virginia
    2. The Interstate compact for popular vote to guarantee one person, one vote
    3. Verifiable ballots to provide a paper trail
  2. Expanding voter access
    1. Early voting (no excuse needed)
    2. Holiday for Election day
    3. Make election date convenient
  3. Fighting voter suppression
    1. By questioning the President’s Commission on Voter Fraud
    2. Supporting the ACLU in it’s court challenges
    3. Fight restrictive registration laws
    4. Increase polling locations especially where lines are long
    5. Fight voter intimidation
  4. Ensure informed electorate
    1. Fight foreign interference
    2. Support League of Women Voters