Kim Smith is an organizer, a lobbyist, and a trainer. And she is getting us organized. She speaks at events around the country and publishes a newsletter. She spoke at our first meeting.

Here are links to her post-election newsletters with callouts from each issue:

Newsletter No. 4

So stay angry – but let’s channel that anger into action. Remember, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men — and women — to acquiesce, do nothing, give up.

I’m not giving up and neither should you. What I’m doing in the face of this travesty is asking you to DO, and providing you with the tools and training to make your actions effective.

Newsletter No. 3

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
Hey everyone! Three things real quick:

Reminder about two trainings this week: These trainings are being held at private homes so I will not publish the addresses. Instead, I will email the addresses the day before…

Newsletter No. 2

Tactical whiplash is a reactive phase: Quick! Jump into action! We run around, call our congressman, sign a bunch of petitions, commit to attending events – and then we’re exhausted with no real progress. So, we give up and acquiesce, believing Trump will do what Trump will do.

Newsletter No. 1

So, I’m not waiting to see what Trump and Bannon and Ryan will or won’t do. We all know there will be a tsunami of attacks against our rights. I’m dusting off OFA lists and getting down to work. In the midst of hateful rhetoric…