Resist With Words

Personal Letter to the Virginia House Committee on Commerce and Labor on Coal Ash Disposal (2/4/2018)

As residents of Fairfax County, we are very concerned about the plan presented for the closure of coal combustion residuals (CCR) surface impoundments at the Virginia Electric and Power Company's Possum Point Generating Station. The plan proposes closing several small impoundments on the site, consolidating the removed CCR in a larger impoundment on the site, and closing the impoundment using capping in place. Our concern stems from the past history in the US of erosion and breaching of impoundments and contamination of surface-water resources, and storage of CCR at a site like Possum Point, on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, is just asking for serious trouble in the future as sea and groundwater levels rise and the potential for erosion and breaching exists. In addition, such impoundments, closed or not, represent past, current, and future potential sources of contamination of underlying groundwater and migration of the contamination in groundwater to nearby surface-water bodies.

Given these concerns, we are encouraging you to resist the proposed closure plan for Possum Point, and similar facilites throughout Virginia by supporting HB182, related to CCR impoundments and their closure requirements. In essence, HB182 proposes that all CCR surface impoundments in the Chesapeake Bay watershed be closed by July 1, 2022; that such closures require the removal of all CCR and disposal of those materials in permitted landfills; and that the emptied impoundment receive proper site reclamation.

The quality of the waters of the Commonwealth and the associated human and ecological health are in your hands, so please support this bill.

Thank you for your attention.

Bob and Brenda Root
Reston, Virginia 20191

Mid- and South Atlantic Offshore Drilling (1/18/18)

The Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) released the following statement after the Trump Administration announced its draft five-year offshore drilling plan, proposing to open the Mid- and South Atlantic to risky drilling.

“Today’s announcement by the Trump administration willfully ignores coastal governors, communities, businesses, and elected leaders up and down the coast who’ve made it clear they don’t want drilling off their shores,” said SELC Senior Attorney Sierra Weaver. “Offshore drilling threatens local communities, economies, and everything that makes the South a special place. In 2016, Southern communities along the Atlantic coast successfully fought off an attempt to bring offshore drilling to their coasts, and they will do the same again.”

See the whole letter at: SELC Paper on Offshore Drilling

Coal Ash Disposal by Dominion Energy (1/2/18)

The Herndon-Reston Indivisible Science and Environment issue group is concerned about coal ash management in Virginia and the potential risks to water quality. Dominion presented the State with a plan for disposing of coal ash but the group has a number of questions about the proposed plan. The group sent a letter to various DEQ and legislative individuals asking for clarification.

See the whole letter at: DEQ Letter on Coal Ash Permitting