Who To Call

Senator Tim Kaine 202-224-4024
Senator Mark Warner 202-224-2023
Senator Chuck Schumer 202-224-6542

What To Say

“Hi, I’m (say your name) from (town, state). Donald Trump has promised to nominate right-wing extremists to the Supreme Court.

So far, each would  be disastrous for

  • civil liberties
  • civil rights
  • reproductive rights
  • environmental protections and
  • sensible fun restrictions and progress.

Can I count on you to publicity oppose and filibuster any Trump nominee?”

[Of course, feel free to add any comments that you feel would be helpful.]

[If you know it, refer to the House Bill number or Senate Bill number. ]

Find your group number by your last name

Group 1: if your name starts with A-F

Group 2: if your name starts with G-M

Group 3: if your name starts with N-Z


When To Call

Schumer Kaine Warner
Monday – 1/30 1 2 3
Wednesday – 2/1 2 3 1
Friday – 2/3 3 1 2