What is this group all about?

Herndon-Reston Indivisible is a local organization of like-minded citizens who are resisting the Trump administration and his hateful policies.

Happy WarriorsThere are dozens, if not hundreds, of Indivisible groups throughout the region. You should find one within your town, city, or county and join it. There are several within Districts 10 and 11.

If you live in the Herndon-Reston area, join ours.

What is your group’s working philosophy?

We follow The Indivisible Guide as our playbook. That national document focuses on the tactics used by the tea party in 2010 to thwart the progressive agenda.

Our key motto is


We aren’t fancy lobbyists or sophisticated policy people. Though some of us are highly-trained professionals, mostly we are people from your neighborhood who want to make a difference in their community. We are building a wall to stop the Trump agenda anyway we can.

We write, phone, and visit our elected officials. We attend town meetings so that we can speak directly with people who represent us. We march together with others who are as angry and frustrated as we are. We will be educated ourselves on policy and commenting on issues.

We find that, together, we are encouraged by the citizens we see around us and draw hope for our country even in the face of evil tyranny.

We are NOT a progressive advocacy group. Many of us are activists in other causes and groups, but that’s different.

This Indivisible group is formed to practice the successfully combative tactics of the Tea Party, the Right Wing citizens group. Our main purpose is to object in the strongest possible terms to the destructive forces that have seized our nation.

I’m ready to get started. How?

Levels of Engagement

There are levels of engagement that increasingly involve your time and energy.

Read the Indivisible Guide
First, go here and download and read the 26-page playbook called The Indivisible Guide. This is a document written by former Hill staffers who watched the Tea Party effectively thwart the Democratic agenda in 2010. We are learning how to use those same tactics for progressive causes.

We were only formed in January 2017 so we’re still learning the ropes and getting ourselves organized.Go to our Facebook Page
Second, visit our Facebook Page here and see more of what we’re all about. Members are posting articles and links designed to inform and educate. This is our public face.

Join our Facebook Group
Third, join our closed group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HerndonRestonIndivisible/. This is our semi-private area where you can learn about gatherings, see the Daily Actions, celebrate our wins, mourn our losses, and learn to be better constituents.

Join Our Mailing List and Volunteer for a Specific Job
Fourth, if you’ve read this far, you may be interested in joining our mailing list. This is where you can declare your ability and openness to leadership. Go to our website and click on Register.

Attend a Meeting
Fifth, we have Sunday afternoon sessions where we write our elected officials and hear speakers about evolving events. These are good, endearing informal meetings that reinforce our goals and remind us that there are many good people in the area that have the same concerns that you do.

Once in a while, we have a large meeting. This is a gathering where we work out how to proceed long term.

Saddle Up for the Long Ride
Sixth, remember that “this is a marathon, not a sprint.” We will lose more than we win (in the short term). We are underfunded, underpowered, and rank amateurs working against determined professionals. But we have the numbers. We will succeed. Because the Trump administration contains the seeds of its own destruction. So join us.

Is this group right for me?

If you found yourself saying to people “let’s give Trump a chance”, then this is probably NOT the group for you.

If you are looking for a well-rounded citizen education group, you must realize that the Indivisible movement is about DEFENSE. Because Republicans control all three branches of government, we are not able to add to or control much of the agenda. All we can do is offer massive RESISTance to keep our democratic pillars in place.

Trump and his dystopian tirades, sick and unAmerican friendships and alignments, and racist, militant, misogynistic policies are not what we consider NORMAL. We do not accept this president or his actions as NORMAL. Therefore, from the start, all his actions are inappropriate, UnAmerican, and damaging to our culture, our society, and our future. We RESIST every instance of Fascism, “America First”, and authoritarianism.


Is this group affiliated with the Democratic Party?

No. Although most of us voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election, and support progressive ideas, we are just as angry at ineffective Democrats as Republicans. In fact, this is not so much about party as about a personal commitment to the people these officials represent.

From the Indivisible Guide:

If a small minority in the Tea Party can stop President Obama, we the majority can stop a petty tyrant named Trump.

How is the group organized?

The basic way to say it is “loosely.” Many of us are amateur volunteers who have been working on campaigns as for awhile. And, some of us are even less experienced.

Some of us are just getting started in citizen participation.

We are governed by a small group of volunteers at the top, but mostly by volunteers who help organize small groups into Interest areas (women’s issues, education, minority right, etc.)

All of this organizing is going on in real time so there are many missteps and confusion. We have grown exponentially in spite of that. We are trying to develop communications tools that keep our members engaged.




  1. I just signed up and would like to get involved. How do I find out about meetings? Do members need to login? If so, how? I couldn’t get to the September calendar; maybe it’s not up yet? (Today’s Aug 30.)

  2. I might help with the website. I’m no expert, but I am busy learning how to use WordPress and developing a blog. I’m mentioning this because it is about 5:30 pm and my previous post is marked 9:30 pm. ??

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